Based off of the 2022 JBU community covenant. No answers or userdata are so much as accessed.

Ok, I think we've all heard of the RICE purity test, but the JBU covenant really does make a perfect litmus test for REAL BIBLICAL PURITY, no? Let's see it!

§1: We affirm and honor scripture

Do you submit to the Bible's instruction on living? (ex: I Cor. 11:7-16, Acts 4:32, Matt. 5:29, etc.)

Do you fail to act with "Kindness?"

Do you fail to act with "Gentleness?"

Do you fail to act with "Justice?"

Do you fail to act with "Self-control?"

Have you been angry?

Have you been jealous?

Have you stolen?"

Have you gossiped?

Have you bullied someone?

Have you been violent?

Have you lied?

Have you "Hooked-up" or been in any other kind of non-committal relationship? (This comes from "Scripture also teaches that we are made for relationships including lifelong friendships," and it relates to a critique by Queer Liberation groups about marriage).

Have you been in a same-sex relationship (use the other person's biological sex)?

Have you been in a polyamorous relationship?

Have you had sex with someone of the same sex (use the other person's biological sex)?

Have you participated in an "orgy?"

Have you transitioned to a gender other than your assigned gender at birth without acute gender dysphoria?

§2: We strive to live with integrity

Have you committed academic dishonesty? (Copying, cheating, etc.)

Do you surround yourself by people who, whether intentionally or not, encourage you to break the covenant?

Have you broken the law? (Exluding laws which contradict Christian morals)

§3: We support and care for individual uniqueness

Have you disrespected or dehumanized someone?

Have you harrased a person verbally?

Have you harrased a person sexually?

Have you harrased a person based on their race/ethnicity/national origin?

Have you viewed porn?

§4: We actively participate within the community

Do you discourage people from living pure and/or holy lives?

Have you harmed yourself?

have you harmed someone else?

have you harmed the JBU community?

have you used a tobacco or another nicotine product?

have you drank alcohol?

have you gambled?

have you used swear words?

have you used other drugs (including marijuana)?